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Thursday, February 17, 2011

President's Day Weekend Viewing - Zeitgeist Moving Forward

This weekend we depart from the subject matter of United States Cuba relations to examine relations in a much broader context -- how each of us are taught to see the world and each other.  With the dramatic problems, crises, wars, and ongoing destruction of our environment and planet, we must step back and think critically about where we are going, what are we creating with the decisions we make as individuals and as nations.  With this in mind, we invite you to watch the documentary Zeitgeist-Moving Forward.  For those of you who speak Spanish, this documentary is subtitled in more than 39 languages, including Spanish.  Just click on the CC button on your viewer to activate the Spanish subtitles.  It is worth the two and half hours of your time and you will be all the more wiser and empowered after you watch it.  For some it will change your life and how you see yourself and our world.  And you will save the cost of going to the movies this weekend!  Have a great weekend -
Tony Martinez