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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Washington Post Op-Ed - Governor Bill Richardson on U.S. Latin America Relations

The blog has been quiet these past several weeks as we await the announcement of new U.S. policy initiatives with Cuba in response to the release of political prisoners. There has been more chatter than real action, but we expect major announcements soon. So stay tuned.
In the interim, we invite readers to read Governor Bill Richardson's Opinion piece in the Washington Post at:
We call your attention to his recommendations on U.S. Cuba travel:
"Second, as a first step to changing our policy toward Cuba, the president should issue an executive order to lift as much of the travel ban as possible. The travel ban penalizes U.S. businesses, lowers our credibility in Latin America and fuels anti-U.S. propaganda. Lifting the ban would also be a reciprocal gesture for
Cuba's recent agreement, negotiated among the Catholic Church, the Spanish government and President Raul Castro, to release political dissidents. Obama has taken significant steps to loosen restrictions on family travel, remove limits for remittance and expand cooperation in other areas such as expanding the export of humanitarian goods from the United States into Cuba. Loosening travel restrictions is in U.S. interests and would be a bold move toward normalization of relations with Cuba."