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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

U.S. Cuba Relations - President Obama's Serve - The Ball Is In The U.S. Court At This Moment

On July 9, the Washington Post published an editorial
Re: Cuba’s Marginal Gesture, Friday July 9, 2010
The Washington Post recently published what appears to be the only letter to the editor in response that editorial submitted by Congressman Bill Delahunt, (D-Mass), who is also retiring from Congress at the end of the current session.
In his letter, Rep. Delahunt reminds the Post that most Cuban dissidents like Guillermo Farinas support lifting the travel ban, a point that should not escape consideration. In fact, Farinas just called upon the United States to respond to the Cuban actions in kind.
Will Congress and the Administration listen to the people, the majority? Or the money and the minority? Why are we continuing policies that do not work?The key to dramatically improving relations between both countries is in the resolution of outstanding humanitarian issues that presently exist. We want Alan Gross freed. We want U.S. fugitives living in Cuba detained and extradited. We want all political prisoners freed. Cuba wants the return of the Cuban Five held here in U.S. prisons. Will there be an exchange in the future? Certainly, we hope the political will exists on both sides and that serious negotiations will occur.
Yesterday, John McAuliff asked in the Havana Note,
"As I wrote in thehavananote on the eve of my trip, the President has many options: releasing Cuban prisoners, removing Cuba’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, endorsing legislation to restore freedom of travel and allowing unlimited visits for non-tourist people-to-people purposes without further delay. How much longer must the American and Cuban people wait?"
A good multiple choice question to be asking. Answers:
A. When the U.S. Cuba (Embargo) Democracy PAC stops funding congressional elections.

B. When the majority of Cuban Americans, the Travel and Agriculture industries, politically organize to raise, match, and or overtake that funding from the pro-embargo side.

C. When President Obama understands his re-election does not rely on the votes or the money of the hardline Cuban American community in Florida. They will not vote for him or the Democrats.

D. When the U.S. and Cuba enter into good faith negotiations with each other to resolve the humanitarian issues that divide both countries.

E. Any or all of the above


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