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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cuba and Cuban Expatriate Confab - Beating Swords Into Plowshares

Right now there is a meeting in Havana, Cuba of approximately 450 Cuban expatriates with the Cuban government to discuss the current political and socioeconomic situation. Cuban exile leaders in Miami, FL who were not invited obviously criticized the gathering and downplayed the significance of the meeting as reported in the Miami Herald. Regardless, anytime two adversaries or even a dysfunctional family can get together and talk with each other, not at each other, and work to find solutions and compromises to problems and establish some level of empathetic mutual respect, there is hope for peace and reconciliation. As we have seen over 50 years, the swords of violence, isolation, humiliation, interference, and vengeance do not make for a brighter future for Cuba nor our relations with Cuba. This destructive circle must be broken. The U.S. taxpayer who has seen over one billion dollars wasted on our policies with Cuba should be relieved of supporting this failure any further. Let us hope that the Cuban/Cuban American family meeting right now will turn these swords into plowshares and these talks will achieve some positive inroads for the future. The U.S. and Cuban economies could really use a stimulus and the world could use a moment and example of peace and reconciliation. Now.


The Resistance said...

Anytime that there is dialogue rather than confrontation something positive comes out of it.

Washington policies toward Cuba have been a monumental failure during the past 50 years. Uncle Sam should recognize at last that might does not make right.

We should end the Cuba embargo/blockade and reestablish normal diplomatic relations based on mutual respect. Live and let live.