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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

United States Cuba Relations - Memo to Senator Kerry

Senator Kerry, thank you for your support for the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act. Now what the majority of Cuban Americans and Americans who want these restrictions lifted need from you is ACTION. Report S. 428 out of your committee and get Senator Reid to schedule floor debate and a vote up or down on the bill. Everything else will be remembered as just talk. You have the historic opportunity in the Congress to bring to an end a failed policy and an assault on the rights of all Americans. Hold this failed policy committed in the name of our foreign policy accountable for once. That is your job. Opponents of this legislation fear this the most. They are a political constituency of less than 5000 mostly wealthy individuals – whose only chokehold on this issue are the millions they have collected spent over the years polluting the Congress with contributions and creating a false perception with the flawed notions that travel restrictions and an embargo will somehow bring democratic change to Cuba. We know on the facts that this is not the case. If there is any doubt, encourage every Senator to visit Cuba personally for themselves to evaluate and see firsthand what our policies have achieved with the Cuban people. You know the Cuban American and American majority wants this change and that two very important American industries – the travel and agricultural industries will benefit too. If the objection made are human rights – lets treat Cuba like we treat any other nation and lets be serious about human rights. Lets stop the endless rhetoric and conduct the negotiations needed with the Cuban government to get all who are imprisoned freed.
Thanks for taking a stand Senator Kerry. Don’t let your effort be a day late and a dollar short. The hopes of millions are counting on you now sir. – TM
Senator John Kerry (D-Mass), Chairman, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee
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