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Saturday, October 3, 2009

International Trade Fair in Havana Nov 2-7, 2009

Who can go: U..S. businessmen/sales representatives who are in the food, agricultural product, medical product, and telecommunications business, can qualify to attend this trade show. If you own a business or are employed in any of these industries -from small business to Fortune 500, this is an opportunity for you to legally travel to Cuba and learn about the market opportunities there and educate and sell your products to Cuba in the future.
Requirements: Valid U.S. Passport, Qualification for a General or Specific License to travel to Cuba see:
Cuban Visa
Announcement from Alimport:
Havana, Cuba will be hosting its 27th annual international trade fair ("FIHAV") next November 2rd thru 7th, 2009. Attended by business organizations from the world all over, this trade show is a great opportunity to take the pulse of the Cuban market, as well as its local and foreign players.
Cuba's single largest food importer and a pioneer in the resumed one-way agricultural trade with the US, is pleased to invite you and your firm to participate in this trade show in which sales contracts and trade agreements are expected to meet part of Cuba's food and agricultural demand in the first quarter of 2010. The companies that display their supplies in booths at the fair will be in a better position to win contracts, subject to competitive terms and quality. Alimport is encouraging supermarket distributors and suppliers to showcase their items for potential contracts at this event..
FOR MORE INFORMATION: - registration and regulatory requirements require time and deadline is mid October: cubatrademission@gmail.com