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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bill Richardson Asks For Executive Order To Lift Cuba Travel Ban

Governor Richardson's remarks at NDN were extemporaneous and in a conversation style interaction with the audience. When there are written remarks, we will post them.
The main points on his talk on Cuba were: On Travel -
Lift travel restrictions for all Americans. President Obama can send a clear message to Congressional leaders by supporting pending Cuba travel legislation. President Obama can also expand categories of purposeful travel to Cuba for Americans now—such as exchanges in sports and culture, science and academia, and the environment and business.
The issue here though is still politics and money. This week, we will get into this issue 360 degrees. There are lots of questions the media needs to be asking, Members of Congress need to be answering, and more overall transparency. This foreign and domestic policy aberration continues to hurt our citizens, economy, and the image and reputation of our country in Latin America and the world. - TM