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Friday, October 9, 2009

Fri, Oct 9 - Richardson Returns to NDN, Talks US-Latin American Relations

Governor Bill Richardson speaks on U.S. Cuba policy -

Submitted by Simon Rosenberg on 9/29/09
I hope you will join NDN for a special live webcast on Friday, October 9th at 12:15 - a conversation with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson on the current state of US-Latin American relations. Fresh from a recent trip to Cuba, our good friend, Governor Richardson, will be sharing his observations on a live global webcast moderated by NDN Latin America Policy Initiative Chairman Nelson Cunningham.
Those watching on-line will be able ask questions and participate in the discussion itself by following the directions on the live screen.
So check back here in on Friday October 9th at 12:15 for a what will be lively sixty-minute conversation with one of America's most thoughtful and respected leaders
Full text of his speech will be available after he gives his speech today. - TM
Watch the webcast at:.