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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comments on the News Headlines

The Miami Herald today reports
U.S. Cuba Travel Picking Up Steam - yes, the bills in the U.S. Congress S. 428, HR 874 are getting more play and attention. But pro-embargo forces are gearing up to block bills that have a majority of support from the Congress and the American people. Tonight they raise political money for their coffers in Washington DC and later next week in Miami -- the old beltway two step...And playing on the ignorance of well meaning politicians and the disastrous influence of money that corrupts democracy and the will of a majority. How on earth's name does keeping an embargo on Cuba and travel restrictions on your fellow Americans from visiting her bring democracy to our neighbor 90 miles from Florida?

More on this and the questions that reporters need to be asking politicians on U.S. Cuba issues like travel. Are we going to allow hypocrisy and corruption of democracy to occur one more time?