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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Thanks to the Global Post for their insightful reporting. This statement also confirms what Governor Richardson was told from his recent trade mission to Cuba in August. As I stated in my earlier comment – the key to unraveling this knot lies effectively in two steps – taking Cuba off the Terror List – this will shut off the opportunistic lawsuits that threaten and prevent U.S. businesses from doing significant telecom deals in Cuba; and second, modify or repeal the Cuban Democracy Act so that U.S. telecoms can actually and legally work directly with the principal telecom provider, ETECSA.
Isn’t about time a one minute telephone call to Cuba should cost what it costs to call most other Latin American and Caribbean countries from the U.S. – from 10 to 25 cents a minute instead of one dollar? Considering there are 5 million Cubans living on the island with friends and family here in the U.S., that's alot of phone calls that could be made but don't get placed to the mutual economic loss of both countries.
The pro-embargo blogs seem to miss this point and forget to mention the real reasons why telecommunications with Cuba are so difficult and expensive.-TM