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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Bendixen survey reflects reality and hopefully what will be reflected in changes in the law soon. There should be no travel restrictions to Cuba for all Americans, not just Cuban Americans.

I am sure the Cuban Americans who responded to the poll in favor of lifting restrictions understand this concept. It is a simple premise - If you do not want to go to Cuba, do not go there. But it should be your choice whether or not to visit.

The freedom to travel anywhere is an American freedom and ideal. If we want Cuba to follow our example of travel freedom, then lets set the example. The embargo crowd's worst fear is a straight open up and down vote on this issue in the House and Senate. Its all downhill for the embargo after travel restrictions are lifted. But this is where the political money influence discussed earlier weighs in. The embargo forces will try to block consideration or even have an open debate.

They know they will lose when that happens. Any politician who wants to defend an irrational and illogical policy like denying all Americans the right to freely to travel to Cuba, will have to realize that it is really about a political campaign contribution or personal agenda and not any American ideal. Democracy, prisoner releases, anything we say we want with Cuba is not likely in the current environment of travel restrictions and the embargo.

So will there be a straight up and down vote in the House and Senate of HR 874 and S 428? Lets ensure democracy prevails. - TM