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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Alborada http://www.cubamer.org/ reports today an interesting op-ed worth noting. The perception game played by the embargo crowd always take an interesting twist – whenever there appears to be any rapprochement between our country and Cuba, the cold war spy game somehow reemerges to throw off these efforts.
As the Alborada saliently points out, we are to believe the statements of unidentified sources relying on purported data that is now eight years old. In addition, we are to further rely on the proclamations of Dan Fisk, who for the uninformed, was one of the principal architects of the Bush Cuba travel policy that denied normal and regular family visits to Cuba for Cuban Americans.
How did that work out? Did democracy and change come to Cuba during the Bush administration? So the perception games continue. Only we are onto the game. We are not ignorant. And like the rock song of the Who says…we won’t get fooled again… TM