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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yahoo! En Espanol to Bring Fans Exclusive Live Coverage of Juanes' Paz Sin Fronteras Concert in Cuba

Special site will feature live streaming video as well as social media offerings and a personal micro blog from Juanes himself

MIAMI, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ --
Yahoo! En Espanol has created a special page available at www.yahoo-pazsinfronteras.com/, which will feature LIVE video coverage of Colombian singing sensation Juanes' "Paz Sin Fronteras" concert this Sunday. The site will also provide fans with event news, photos, music videos of participating artists and more, starting today.
The special site will feature various community and social media offerings that will allow users to share their opinions, photos and other commentary -- making this a true global community experience without borders.
Site features include:
-- Live micro blog from Juanes where he will share his experience and thoughts on the concert
-- Flickr - Yahoo! En Espanol's photos site which will feature photos of Juanes and other artists at the concert taken by users and the media
-- Comment areas and links to social media sites - Allow users to easily post comments, share opinions and take their experience to their favorite social networking site
-- Blogs - Site features the most popular blogs that are following the concert and related news
-- Survey - Asks users opinions on a variety of concert related questions, such as "Should Juanes be doing the concert in Cuba?"
"Paz Sin Fronteras" is a free, goodwill concert organized by Juanes to celebrate World Peace Day and promote better relations with Cuba as well as encourage cultural acceptance on the island. It will be symbolically held at the Plaza de la Revolucion "Jose Marti" in Havana, Cuba.
Aside from Colombian singer Juanes, other confirmed artists include:
-- Miguel Bose
-- Amaury Perez
-- Van Van
-- Olga Tanon
-- Cucu Diamantes & Yerba Buena
-- Carlos Varela
-- Danny Rivera
-- Jovanotti
-- Victor Manuel
-- Luis Eduardo Aute
-- Orishas
-- X Alfonso
-- Juan Fernando Velasco
-- Silvio Rodriguez
*Note: This list may change as more artists confirm
Thursday, September 17: Yahoo! En Espanol "Paz Sin Fronteras" site launches - www.yahoo-pazsinfronteras.com/
Sunday, September 20: Starting at approximately 2:00 p.m. ET - "Paz Sin Fronteras" concert streams LIVE
Monday, September 21: Availability of post-event news coverage, photos, user comments and more
LIVE online coverage and event streaming: http://www.yahoo-pazsinfronteras.com/
Live concert: Plaza de la Revolucion "Jose Marti" in Havana, Cuba

SOURCE Yahoo! En Espanol