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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Juanes pays tribute to the Cubans with a song

The Colombian singer Juanes told Prensa Latina that he composed a song dedicated to Cuba, who will play here next Sunday in Peace Without Borders concert.
It's called I'm Cuban, forward and "is a tribute to Cuban families inside and outside from the perspective of a Colombian who lives in Miami," explained the artist.
The idea came, he related, in this way to the island, launched on 24 June, his first visita.En Colombia, his country, will be held this weekend the day of love and friendship.
I think this festival should be every day, whatever it is welcome to me, told Prensa Latina. On the concert in the Plaza of the Revolution, which are expected to attend over 500 thousand people, he hoped to have a positive impact not only for Cuba but for the whole region, he said.
I see a lot hope to Cuba, we are all changing, any living being is constantly changing and this Sunday we celebrate a festival. Hopefully, he added, we could invite all the other artists to act in Cuba and come more often.
We must begin to open up a little more to the exchange through art and culture that is much needed destacó.Al refer to their homeland, a shell worth nothing without your love remarked that without it there could be what it is.
Without Colombia would not be here all the support of my country, followers of the region is for me an engine that drives me, said in response to a question from his music prensa.
Sobre commented that, despite being a empirical singer from a very small guitar and played and grew up in a musical family, listening to Cuban Silvio Rodriguez, his greatest inspiration, like Carlos Gardel, Metallica or Led Zeppelín.
Mis pieces are a mix of rock, Latin American popular music, Cuban trova, are a kind of diary in which they reflect a world view from my perspective.
Happy to be on the island, Juanes said that thanks to his family and children first understood what it means true love and that dream is the most important in life. If one does not dream is a dead man.
By Prensa Latina
Photo Prensa Latina
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