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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Governor Richardson proposes to discuss the lifting of the embargo on Cuba

Washington, Sept. 2 .- The Governor of the State of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, said today that "now is the best time to discuss lifting the embargo" the United States has had on Cuba for nearly half a century.
In an interview with CNN television Richardson, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and former candidate for the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party, argued that "many Cuban-Americans think that the embargo has not worked."
United States began its economic embargo measures against Cuba in late 1960 through presidential decrees and administrative measures. En 1996, por primera vez, el Congreso aprobó una ley que reguló el embargo. In 1996, for the first time, Congress passed a law that regulated the embargo.
President Barack Obama stopped in April some of the existing bans travel for Cubans living in the U.S., his country and sending money and support their families on the island.
Richardson said that "within a year we will be in serious negotiations on lifting the embargo," but added that before the Cubans should be reciprocal "gestures of openness of dialogue made by the Obama Administration.
"It is possible to eliminate some travel bans," he added. "Es posible que se permitan más visitas de académicos estadounidenses a Cuba". "It may be allowed more visits to Cuba by American scholars.
In July President Obama extended for another six months suspension and ordered by his predecessors Bill Clinton and George W.
Bush, on the implementation of part of the 1996 law that allowed the claims of American citizens against businesses or individuals that do business with confiscated property in Cuba after the revolution of 1959